Frequently Asked Questions

At Eden Holistic Pet Foods we pride ourselves on formulating a range of foods that caters to the nutritional needs of cats and dogs.

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What do you recommend for puppies?

For Puppies, we recommend our Puppy Cuisine and all our wet food products, as they are suitable from weaning age onwards. You can also feed our Original cuisine 80:20 kibble from the age of 14 weeks onwards. Our Air-dried meat treat range and Joint Support supplement are suitable for all life stages (Puppy, junior, adult, and seniors).

What do you recommend for adult dogs with a sensitive stomach?

From our Cuisine Range, we would recommend Fish Cuisine as it contains a single source of protein, making digestion easier. From our semi-moist range, we would recommend our semi-moist duck and tripe kibble as it contains high levels of fresh duck, a highly digestible protein. If your dog has allergies and needs to avoid specific proteins, please get in touch with us at for further recommendations regarding suitability.

What do you recommend for fussy eaters?

For fussy dogs, we would recommend our Succulent Semi-Moist Range. The unique texture of the soft and squidgy kibble entices even the fussiest of dogs. It can take some dogs a little bit of time to get used to a new food, never commit to a large bag of food on the first order if your dog is known for being a little fussy. Some dogs like to graze from their bowl rather than having set meal times, try not to stand over your dog whilst it's eating as this can be intimidating for some dogs resulting in them not eating.

What do you recommend for senior dogs?

For senior dogs, we recommend any recipes from The Cuisine Range as they all contain high protein levels. As a dog becomes more senior, they sometimes eat a little less as they may have a decrease in their energy levels, however, the major organs (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs) all need protein to survive and function properly. When there is not enough protein available in the dog’s food, the body can start to break down its own stores to attain the required protein needed. This is especially detrimental to older dogs because they need more protein (about 50 percent more) than younger dogs.

What do you recommend for a dog with Pancreatitis?

We would recommend feeding either our Fish Cuisine or our semi-moist food. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the fish which may be beneficial to reducing Pancreatitis flair ups. Also, fish is a very digestible protein, making it gentle on the digestive tract. The semi-moist food is lower in crude fats and oils and may be beneficial as low-fat diets are also often prescribed for pancreatitis.