The Cuisine Range, the most luxurious pet food in the UK

Our pets rely on us to make the right decision on their diet. At Eden, we aim to share with you how our food can support your dog’s health through nutrition. Our recipes are inspired by nature and our dog’s ancestral diet of whole prey. By taking this approach we can produce a nutrient-packed kibble which will satisfy all your dogs’ requirements . It is also simple and convenient to store and feed, making it the very best decision for you and your dog.

The Cuisine Range, first launched in 2012, is our best seller. Every ingredient in our three recipes, Original, Country and Fish has been hand-selected. A combination of high quality freshly prepared meats and fish, fruits, vegetables, herbs and botanicals. Dog food, just as nature intended.

Read on, your pet will thank you.

Formulated Without Grain & Gluten
Formulated Without
Grain & Gluten
Naturally Complete, Optimum Nutrition
100% Natural

It’s all about the ingredients

For The Cuisine Range, Eden have combined 80% of the finest meats and fish, with human-grade oils, fruits, vegetables, herbs and botanicals to optimise the nutritional and health benefits of our incredibly palatable and flavoursome kibble.

We openly list our ingredients because we understand how important it is to be able to determine that you are making the right choice for your dog. To deliver complete confidence in our food, we source our ingredients from trusted farms and fisheries, and as a family owned business, we always strive to support local and UK producers whenever possible.

Explore our ingredients

Benefits of Feeding
Eden Holistic Pet Foods

We are all aware of the benefits of eating a balanced diet and which foods help us to fuel our bodies. This works in just the same way for our dogs. See your dogs thrive on Eden Holistic Pet Foods and have peace of mind knowing what’s in your dog’s bowl.

Active Dogs

A longer, happier and more active life with fewer trips to the vets

Firmer Stools & Reduced Odour

Firmer stools & less odour, showing the body has absorbed the critical nutrients from the food

Aids Weight Management

Tackling pet obesity and helping maintain a healthier weight

Calm and Relaxed

Calmness due to natural ingredients and lack of artificial colours and flavours

Over the years, we have had many inspiring stories of how our food has helped to improve the lives of so many pets.
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Nutritionally Complete Food

There are complete foods, and then there is Eden naturally complete food. Most pet foods advertise as a complete food. To be classed as complete, they need to meet the standard minimum requirements set out by FEDIAF (UK & Europe). The differences between the various complete pet food brands are the quality of the raw ingredients used, and this is what makes Eden stand out from the rest.

At Eden, we understand the best way of delivering the nutrients required by our dogs is choosing the right combination of high-quality ingredients for all our recipes. Other pet foods which do not choose high-quality natural ingredients will often use artificial additives to achieve the minimum nutritional requirements.

Steam cooked

The raw ingredients included in our Cuisine range are gently steam cooked at approximately 82°C producing a highly digestible food that will retain as much of the naturally occurring nutritional balance as possible. Steam cooking not only guarantees the delivery and absorption rate of critical nutrients to the body, it also results in a fuller aroma and flavour. This ensures your dog will enjoy every nutritionally packed mouthful and enjoy the benefits of a food which supports animal health through nutrition.

Less is more

Cost from as little as £0.54 per day for a small dog

With our foods being higher in meat content than other brands, you will see a reduction in the amount of food recommended to feed your pet. This will result in lower costs per feed and a bag of food lasting you longer. Because your dog has been able to absorb their food more effectively into the body, this will result in smaller, firmer, more manageable stools.


We wanted only the best...


We feed Nemo Eden because we wanted only the best for him. When we first brought him home, he had a dull coat and puppy dandruff, and we were back and forth to the vets as he had constant bad stomachs. Within a week of switching to Eden 80/20 Original Cuisine Dried Food his stomach was so much more settled and now he has a gorgeous shiny coat to match how good he feels on the inside!

Lean Muscle Original Cuisine


This is the perfect all-rounder for your pet. Containing free-run chicken, Scottish salmon, North Atlantic herring and Suffolk duck. Original Cuisine contains the optimal levels of protein, helping to strengthen and build lean muscles and aids in maintaining healthy weight. Brimming in omega 3 & 6, Original Cuisine supports skin and coat health, aids cognitive development and helps keep joints healthy.

Fish Cuisine


The number one choice for aiding dogs with sensitive stomachs. Using the finest selection of Scottish salmon and North Atlantic herring, including seasonally available cod, haddock, hake, plaice and pollock dependent on the “catch of the day”. Fish Cuisine has a single protein source which means gentler digestion whilst delivering all the essential nutrients your dog needs.

Country Cuisine


Our most palatable recipe. Consisting of a delicious combination of four flavoursome meats, Suffolk duck, lean rabbit, grass reared lamb and venison. This recipe is a great choice for active dogs or dogs who want to enjoy a luxurious flavour. The carefully selected superfood ‘’coconut oil’’ gently elevates the metabolism, helping to deliver energy and vitality, perfect for those long walks and hikes and aiding in promoting a sleek and glossy coat.

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