The stamina they need for the day's work

Eden Pet Foods understand the need to consider working dogs separately from pet dogs when designing a food for their unique dietary requirements.

Our Working Dog recipes are designed for dogs that need a high energy diet, to ensure they have the stamina to perform strenuous activity across the entire working day.

Formulated with high levels of quality meats, providing essential amino and fatty acids, supporting the bodies’ ability to maintain and repair itself.

Reward your loyal, hardworking dog by feeding Eden, and see them maintain peak physical condition for a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle.

Formulated Without Grain & Gluten
Formulated Without
Grain & Gluten
Naturally Complete, Optimum Nutrition
100% Natural

Working & Sporting Wet Dog Food Range

Our Working & Sporting Wet Dog Food Range complements our dried food, offering all the same functions and benefits with additional natural herbs, botanicals and superfoods. These superfoods include turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory with pain relief properties which is perfect for maintaining healthy joints, and immune boosting superfoods, blueberries and goji berries, contributing to overall health and helping to maintain energy levels.

The Working & Sporting Wet Dog Food Range also benefits from added prebiotics MOS & FOS, promoting healthy gut bacteria for a healthy and strong immune system.

Working Dog Ingredients

Our recipes are designed to meet the unique requirements of working dogs.

Based on the ancestral diet, we expertly combine the finest meats and fish with freshly prepared, 100% natural fruits, vegetables and herbs to maximise the nutritional benefits of our high animal protein diet.

Each recipe has the perfect ratio of novel proteins such as duck, venison, rabbit, salmon and herring, alongside nutritious vegetables and superfoods. These hand-chosen ingredients have been selected to support active, hardworking dogs.

Our recipes are the perfect way to reward and replenish your dog after a hard day’s work.

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Benefits of Feeding
Eden Holistic Pet Foods

We are all aware of the benefits of eating a balanced diet and which foods help to fuel our bodies. This works in just the same way for our dogs. See your dogs thrive on Eden Holistic Pet Foods and have peace of mind knowing what’s in your dog’s bowl.

alertness and focus
Alertness & focus

Enriched with antioxidants for optimum brain health, for an alert and focused working dog

activity and energy
Activity & Energy

Loaded with essential nutrients needed for energy reserves, ready for when they need it most

stamina and endurance
Stamina & Endurance

Increased protein and fat content to provide your dog with slow-release energy throughout the day

resilience and repair
Resilience & Repair

Added Joint Supporting ingredients, to reduce inflammation and encourage cellular repair

Over the years, we have had many inspiring stories of how our food has helped to improve the lives of so many dog's.
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Shannon & Stormie

Eden keeps them healthy including their coat & joints too...


Shoot days along side training sessions are one of the hardest working days the girls will have throughout the season, which is why it is so important to me that both are fed right and fuelled up each time they go out! Throughout working the girls, Eden keeps them healthy including their coat & joints too and is so easy to take out and about with us on the day.

Aimee, Fergus, Bonnie & Rosa

We have been feeding Eden now for 3 years...


Our dogs are both working dogs and much loved family members and therefore we need a food that can power them for both. We have been feeding Eden now for 3 years and it fuels the dogs for a full working day with absolutely everything they need. The working dog food has a high protein content and keeps the dogs energy high throughout the day. We add some Joint support to help keep them in top condition. I am also happy knowing that it’s made in the UK and uses human grade products.

Joint Aid Icon Working Dog Original Cuisine


Specially formulated to support active dogs, Original Cuisine boasts a crude protein level of 42%, aiding in building lean muscle and supporting cardiovascular wellness. Containing no grain, gluten, or white potato, this has been developed to deliver key nutrients at the time most needed.

Original Cuisine Working & Sporting Dog food is great for maintaining weight and building lean muscle.

Maintain Focus Icon Working Dog Fish Cuisine


The concentrated single source protein in this recipe, allows easier digestion and aids dogs with allergies or sensitivities. The highest source of omega-3 fatty acids. This recipe aids in supporting cognitive development, nervous system function, heart health and joint aid.

Fish Cuisine is great for working and sporting dogs that need to stay focused.

High Energy Icon Working Dog Country Cuisine


Contains the highest number of amino acids. These provide your working dog with the essential building blocks to support muscle growth, aid in tissue repair, deliver essential energy and help protect the immune system.

This recipe also benefits from added superfood ‘’coconut oil’’. Aiding with skin and coat health, as well as helping to maintain energy levels.

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