Why Us

We strive to see pets thrive

As a family-owned company, we understand that dogs and cats aren’t just pets but a part of our family. We share and create memories with them that will last a lifetime, and here at Eden, we want to help them be a part of your family for longer.
We strive to see pets thrive and we do this by supporting animal health through nutrition. Eden Holistic Pet Foods have been created and developed with nutritionists and in accordance to FEDIAF standards to achieve the optimal ratio of meat and fish to fruits, vegetables, herbs, minerals and botanicals, thus creating a nutritionally balanced natural pet food whilst being totally tantalizing.
Our pets rely on us to make the best decisions for them, and one of the best and the most important decisions you can make as a pet owner is what food is fuelling them.

We are 100% passionate about animal health & nutrition

Eden Holistic Pet Foods was inspired and created after a trip to the vet, as Eden’s owners highlighted how their pet’s health and well-being was closely associated with the quality and combination of ingredients in many brands of dog food. Paul, a trained nutritionist, and Carol Conquest were single minded in their determination to find a food which combined high levels of fresh, quality meats with the right combination of fruit, vegetables and botanicals, to provide their pets with naturally complete food for optimum nutrition. Unable to find a product on the market which fulfiled their requirements and unwilling to settle for anything less than the best for their pets, they formulated their first recipe, Original Cuisine and Eden Holistic Pet Foods was born.

Natural Ingredients

The quality of our raw ingredients is what makes us stand out from other pet food brands. A large proportion of the nutrients found in our foods are provided naturally through the high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted farms and fisheries. Other pet food brands may need to supplement higher levels of these essential nutrients to achieve the minimum levels to be classed as complete food, as the ingredients they use may not naturally be sufficient.

Raw without the thaw

Staying as close to the ancestral diet as we could, Eden has created a kibble that holds the equivalent nutrients to raw feeding, but in the convenience of kibble pieces. Eden is the perfect choice for families who want to feed their dog the best, without worrying about creating a nutritionally balanced meal. Instead, you can be confident knowing that you are giving your pet the best from bag to bowl. This is raw without the thaw.

Produce premium high quality foods

We produce foods that are naturally complete, providing optimum nutrition. Selecting only the finest meats and fish sourced from trusted farms and fisheries providing excellent stories of provenance and traceability.

Hand-selected fruits, vegetables, herbs and minerals are folded into the mixing bowl. The ingredients are then gently steam cooked at low temperatures to retain the critical nutrients found in the raw ingredients, allowing for a fuller aroma and palatability, higher digestibility and faster nutritional absorption rates.


We want to help educate pet owners on health and nutrition and the best place to start is with the ingredients. At Eden, we openly list all our ingredients to help support you to make the right decisions for your pet and know exactly what food has gone into your pet's bowl. We never create misleading packaging or use pictures of ingredients that doesn’t represent what’s inside the food, and aim to always be transparent with any changes and updates with the recipes.

Family owned, UK Company

Eden has grown over the years from a husband and wife team to a thriving office and warehouse in rural Staffordshire. Creating jobs for local people with opportunities to train and develop new skills in a thriving business. All of Edens team are passionate about pets, and we regularly have our pets in the office to remind us all of the joy a happy pet brings into our lives. This is why we stay true to our philosophy, and this guarantees that the decisions we make always support pets through their diet and owners through education. We never compromise on the quality of our ingredients or on the levels of customer care we provide, making our customers and their pets happy is our number one priority. Being a family-owned and run business with shared beliefs and ethos generates an extra sense of purpose within the team and a real pride in the products we produce and the advice we share.


You owe it to your pet to get their food right but don’t fret, we’re here to help all the way. From our in-house nutritional advice to support you on your Eden journey, whether that’s a new journey or an existing journey, to our extended family Facebook forum, get some tips and reviews from our Eden community. We are all here to help you and your pet on a journey to a healthier lifestyle.


Our ingredients used are all sustainably and responsibly sourced, with as much being sourced in the UK as possible from trusted farms and fisheries.

We are continually working to become more eco-friendly, switching from single source plastics to recyclable, using smaller boxes which maximizes van space, bringing in paper tape to seal our packages and using a pallet wrapping machine to reduce the amount of wrap on each shipment. Every step we take (however small) all adds up to reduce our carbon paw print.

“Every step we take (however small) all adds up to reduce our carbon paw print”

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We provide the most transparent & nutritionally complete diet for pets and education for their owners.


We want to create a world where every pet is healthy, through our mindfulness, education, products & services.


Supporting animal health through nutrition.


As close to the ancestral diet as we can be.