The Gourmet Range, proven to be our tastiest recipes yet.

Here at Eden, we constantly strive to create recipes which provide optimum nutrition for our incredible canine companions. All our naturally complete kibbles are formulated with everything our dogs require to thrive, however this is of little value if our dogs are not interested in eating their food. So, we have made it our mission to produce a meal which is not only nutritious, but tastes absolutely delicious. We carefully select freshly prepared meat, fruit, vegetables and botanicals and combine them in a unique steam cooking process, creating a full-flavoured, tasty gourmet dining experience.

The Gourmet Range has 3 exquisite recipes, Duck and Herring, Goose and Turkey and Salmon and Pheasant. Our number one ingredient for a temptingly tasty kibble is the finest freshly prepared meats and fish, because given the choice, dogs would pick food from their ancestral diet, just as nature intended. Then we add quality ingredients such as sweet potato, chicory root extract and turmeric which results in a well crafted a kibble of exquisite taste. Our Gourmet range is as delicious as it is nutritious, a great choice for when you want your dog to enjoy every morsel.

Read on, to discover kibble at its tastiest.

Formulated Without Grain & Gluten
Formulated Without
Grain & Gluten
Highly Nutritious,
Tastes Delicious
100% Natural

It’s all about the taste

Our Gourmet range is quite simply, high quality freshly prepared natural ingredients. Carefully crafted and cooked in a unique way to get the best out of our selection of the finest ingredients. The result is a culinary delight which offers a fine dining experience at every mealtime, because our dogs deserve a little luxury.

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Benefits of Feeding
Eden Holistic Pet Foods

We are all aware of the benefits of eating a balanced diet and which foods help us to fuel our bodies. This works in just the same way for our dogs. See your dogs thrive on Eden Holistic Pet Foods and have peace of mind knowing what’s in your dog’s bowl.

Active Dogs

All the benefits of collagen, supporting healthy skin, coat, bones and joints

Firmer Stools & Reduced Odour

Premium palatability, so your dog will enjoy every luxurious bite of Gourmet

Aids Weight Management

Perfect-sized peptides are easily absorbed, providing optimal nutritional benefit for your dog

Calm and Relaxed

Highly digestible to support developing or delicate digestive systems

Over the years, we have had many inspiring stories of how our food has helped to improve the lives of so many pets.
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It’s all about the cooking process

Eden customers have rightly come to expect that we source only the finest ingredients from trusted farms and fisheries for all our ranges. At the same time we are always looking for ways to cook our quality ingredients to make them even better for our pets.

By exploring new innovations we have discovered a pioneering cooking process which uses natural digestive enzymes to enhance the taste and creates a highly digestible protein for optimum absorption of essential nutrients. This means your dog benefits from getting the very most from the freshly prepared meat included in our gourmet recipes from the bowl to the building blocks of their body.


Suitable for dogs of all life stages, as it’s always the right time to start great nutrition.


The best start for puppies, supporting the more delicate digestive systems of dogs under 12 months. With nutritionally suitable calcium and phosphorus values, Gourmet can be fed from weaning age.

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Nutritionally complete to support the health and well-being of adult dogs. Collagen is great to support active dogs with joint movement and flexibility.

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Older dogs who typically eat less will get a higher nutritional benefit from each bite. With essential collagen supporting the ageing joints of senior dogs.

Collagen Goose & Turkey

Goose &

Highly nutritious and tastes delicious! A highly palatable pairing of Goose & Turkey in a highly digestible kibble. Our innovative and luxury Goose & Turkey recipe, with tender rabbit, is formulated with highly digestible protein and the highest collagen content of our three Gourmet recipes. This supports dogs of all life stages to thrive and enjoy an enhanced eating experience.

Gentle Stomach Salmon & Pheasant

Salmon &

Highly nutritious and tastes delicious! Our popular flavour compliment of Salmon & Pheasant in a highly digestible kibble. Rich in Omega-3 supporting skin and coat health, cognitive development, and nerve function. This innovative and luxury Salmon & Pheasant recipe is formulated with highly digestible protein and collagen, to support dogs of all life stages, to thrive and enjoy an enhanced eating experience.

Absorption Duck & Herring

Duck &

Highly nutritious and tastes delicious! A delectable pairing of Duck & Herring in a highly digestible kibble. Rich in Omega-6 supporting skin and coat health, as well as cellular and immune function. Our innovative and luxury Duck & Herring recipe, is formulated with highly digestible protein and collagen, to support dogs of all life stages, to thrive and enjoy an enhanced eating experience.