Exploding The Myth Of Kibble

At Eden, our passion lies in supporting animal health and wellness through nutrition. We believe that providing the right nutrition is the key to helping our beloved pets live a long, healthy and happy life. Every step of our process is driven by a commitment to excellence. We take great care to ensure that all of our ingredients and processes are of the highest quality so that our products deliver nothing but the best nutrition to your four-legged friends.

Join us on an exciting journey as we explore our pawfect range of foods and discover how we prioritise quality in everything we do.


We use freshly prepared human-grade quality meats in our kibble. Our meats are sourced responsibly and sustainbily with great stories of provenance.


We never scorch our kibble! That would destroy the natural nutrients found in our raw ingredients. Instead we gently steam cook our kibble, locking in all that natural goodness.


Our specially crafted bags are carefully designed to protect your pets food. Not only do they ensure that their kibble makes it from HQ to your pets bowl they also protect the nutritional integrity.


As our kibble contains such high meat content, you'll typically feed less. This results in great savings with costs as little as 90p per day. There's no need to make room in your freezer for our food.

The Eden Journey

Embark on the Eden journey with us. We're showcasing the meticulous craftmanship behind our nourishing kibble, from thoughtfully sourced ingredients to careful transportation and culinary perfection.

Eden is so much more than just 'brown balls'.

We're proud of our provenance

Our journey starts with our farms and fisheries, we are dedicated to sourcing the best ingredients and ensuring that our partners are committed to the wellbeing of their livestock. By working closely with our farmers, we are able to ensure excellent stories of provenance and traceability.

We are passionate about the quality of our ingredients and the way in which they are obtained. We understand that our farmers and fisheries are the backbone of our business and strive to build strong relationships with them.

Cold Chain Transportation

The integrity of the raw ingredients during transportation is crucial for keeping our high-quality meat and fish fresh. Our ingredients are collected from source and transported in refrigerated wagons to maintain the highest quality conditions.

This process guarantees that our ingredients are as fresh and as safe as they can possibly be.

Fresh is best!

We know that FRESH is best! Our innovative and unique cooking process has found a way to incorporate more fresh meat into our recipes. Our Country Cuisine has an incredible 46% Fresh Meat content. That's one of the highest amounts of fresh meat content in kibble in the UK!

By packing more fresh meat into our recipes it provides your pet with the most flavoursome and nutritionally beneficial meal.

Cooking Process

Our main goal is to ensure that your pet receives as much of the nutritional benefits from the raw ingredients as possible. We strive to protect the proteins within our kibble and ensure maximum digestibility so your pet gets the most nutritional benefits from our food.

To achieve this, we have developed a unique cooking process that uses gentle and low temperatures to cook our ingredients. Unlike other extruded foods that use harsh and high cooking methods, we restrict the maximum temperature to 82°C. We believe that this gentle cooking method preserves the nutritional value of each ingredient and ensures that your pet benefits from optimal nutrition.

Our recipes contain all the nutrition of balanced raw feeding but with the convenience of kibble

Convenient to store, kibble is also ideal to take with you on your adventures together

Our kibble is consistent and complete, so you know your pet is getting balanced diet without the need to add anything else

Cooking our fresh ingredients removes any harmful bacteria, making it safe for your pet

The rich goodness of our kibble means your pet can absorb more and poo less!