How much food

As every pet is different, it is important to make sure that you are feeding your pet the correct amount of food according to their size, age and lifestyle. We encourage that you check your pet’s current weight and feeding amounts regularly.

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Please make sure there is always fresh clean water available. Ensure your pet’s water bowl is clean and changed on a daily basis to avoid bacteria growth.

Switching Foods

When transitioning from another brand to Eden Holistic Pet Foods, please ensure this is done gradually. We suggest introducing your pets to Eden over a 10-14 day period, increasing Eden by a maximum of 10% a day and reducing their current food by 10% per day, before eventually being fully converted onto Eden products.

Once your pet has been introduced fully to Eden you don’t need to transition to other Eden recipes.

Pet Weight

Each pet is different and will have their own individual, normal body dimensions, so the following should be taken as a guide only. Young and adolescent pets will not always grow proportionally and may become naturally lean as they go through growth spurts before they are able to fill out. If you have any worries or concerns about your pet’s weight, then you should seek the advice of a vet.

Moving from Puppy food to adult

Dog’s will mature into adulthood at different stages depending on breed or size. The first 14 weeks of a puppy’s life is their rapid, early growth stage, therefore they require an increased amount of protein and daily feeding amount. From 14 weeks onwards, the daily feeding amount will decrease, as they will have reached approximately 30% of their adult size. Then they will continue growing in their late growth stage, until they reach full, adult size, where they will need feeding amounts reducing again to a maintenance amount.

Puppy Cuisine has been formulated to be suitable for puppies in their early and late growth stages but can also be fed as an all-life stages food. Eden’s range of pet foods are formulated in accordance with FEDIAF nutritional guidelines, check out the product pages for life stages recommendations.

Firm Stools

The best, natural way to ensure proper feeding amounts are being given is to ensure your pet has firm and formed stools, as if they are overfed this can cause loose stools and may need feeding amounts reducing. Firm and formed stools show that feeding amounts are correct and your pet has been able to absorb all the key nutrients from the food.

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