Welcome to Eden Holistic Pet Foods Export Hub - the ideal destination for any business looking to introduce a high quality UK pet food brand into their distribution model. We are committed to providing the highest quality pet food products and services to our customers.
Our wide range of products includes wet, dry, Semi-moist and treats, all of which have been formulated to align with your pets natural diet, the ancestral diet. Our bespoke recipes have each been tailored to support your pets whole holistic health, perfectly balanced with the optimum ratio of freshly prepared meats and fish, fruits, vegetables, herbs and minerals, sourced from trusted farms and fisheries with excellent stories of provenance.
We understand that it can be difficult to find a pet food brand that meets all of your pet's needs, and that's why we are committed to providing the highest quality and most appropriate products for your pet. So if you're looking to introduce a high quality UK pet food brand into your distribution model, look no further than Eden Holistic Pet Foods Export Hub.

What do our foods offer that different to other brands

Our recipes are brimming with meat content but more importantly is the amount of fresh meat content that’s in our foods up to 43% on some recipes.

Cooked at low temperatures to retain the natural nutrients found in the raw ingredients. There is a stigma associated with kibble that its cooked at high temperatures. Our delicious kibble pieces are gently cooked at low temperatures, locking in all the key natural nutrients.

We openly list our ingredients to ensure transparency, providing owners with confidence they know and understand what they are feeding their pet.


  • Export Health Certificate documents provided at no additional costs
  • Dedicated account management
  • FCA Incoterms
  • Digital marketing asset support – Campaign assets and digital marketing assets to be emailed

Yes, you will need to arrange the SIVEP. We recommend speaking with your freight forwarder; they can usually help. We can arrange the export declaration for you, but you will handle your import declaration and Ched-P.

Not currently, but this is something we are working on. Whether it is our warehouse, or we use a fulfilment centre. We want to make it easier for you to import Eden.

Yes, we can, but we are only able to accommodate a full truckload.

Eden is a supreme quality pet food which is close to raw feeding. This sets us aside from any brand in the market. The fresh meat quantity we put into our foods is the highest in the industry, and the ingredients we use are traceable, and we are proud of ourselves in quality.

We currently only accept GBP.