A luxury taste sensation

The Gourmet Range is our most exquisite and sensational tasting wet food.

Formulated without grain and gluten, containing luxury meat pieces, hand selected superfoods, and pre-biotics. This luxury range of wet foods are nutritionally complete with gourmet bistro-inspired ingredients. The Gourmet Range offers a variety of tastes they’ll enjoy every day.

Formulated with up to 70% novel proteins, these three recipes benefit from containing superfoods, such as turmeric, which aids in boosting the immune system and is a great antioxidant, alongside green-lipped mussel which is a natural anti-inflammatory, that also helps to strengthen bones.

Formulated Without Grain & Gluten
Formulated Without
Grain & Gluten
Naturally Complete, Optimum Nutrition
100% Natural

It's all about the Ingredients

For The Gourmet Range, Eden has combined 70% of the finest meats and fish with high-quality herbs and minerals to optimise the nutritional and health benefits of our exceedingly palatable and flavoursome wet food.

We openly list our ingredients because we understand how important it is to ensure that you can make the right choice for your dog. To deliver complete confidence in our recipes, we source our ingredients from trusted farms and fisheries.

Explore our ingredients

Benefits of Feeding
Eden Holistic Pet Foods

We are all aware of the benefits of eating a balanced diet and which foods help to fuel our bodies. This works in just the same way for our dogs.
See your dogs thrive on Eden Holistic Pet Foods and have peace of mind knowing what’s in your dog's bowl.

Active Dogs

Novel proteins have multiple health benefits – especially benefiting pets with allergies and sensitive stomachs, while also boosting skin & coat health

Firmer Stools & Reduced Odour

Firmer stools and Less odour - showing the body has absorbed the critical nutrients from the food

Enriched With Prebiotics

Enriched with prebiotics - Encourages the growth of friendly and healthy bacteria, which promotes overall gastrointestinal health

Calm and Relaxed

Calmness due to natural ingredients and lack of artificial colours and flavours

Over the years, we have had many inspiring stories of how our food has helped to improve the lives of so many pets. But don't just take our word for it; check out our social media and testimonials pages.

Nutritionally Complete Food

There are complete foods, and then there is Eden naturally complete food. To be classed as complete, the recipes need to meet the standard minimum requirements set out by FEDIAF (UK & Europe). The difference between the various other brands of complete pet food and Eden complete foods, is that the quality of the raw ingredients used makes our recipes stand out from the rest.

At Eden, we understand the best way of delivering the nutrients required by our dogs is choosing the right combination of high-quality ingredients for all our recipes. Other pet foods which do not choose high-quality natural ingredients will often use artificial additives to achieve the minimum nutritional requirements.

Steam cooked

The raw ingredients included in The Gourmet Range are gently steam cooked at approximately 90°C producing a highly digestible food that will retain as much of the naturally occurring nutritional balance as possible. Steam cooking not only guarantees the delivery and absorption rate of critical nutrients to the body, it also results in a fuller aroma and flavour.

By cooking our recipes this way, your dog will savour every nutritionally packed mouthful and enjoy the benefits of a food which supports animal health through nutrition.

Combine with eden products

The Gourmet Range is a naturally complete food and can therefore be fed on its own as a complete meal. You can also combine our exquisite wet food with all Eden dried food ranges, as a tasty topper or a special treat. Our wet food is also so high-quality, it is compatible even with raw foods.


She can taste its packed with 70% fresh meat & tastes divine!


Quinn knows the best things in life are fresh air, good company & great food! To be honest, she doesn't really care much that her Eden Duck & Herring is free from artificial colourings, preservatives, flavourings, and sweeteners! All she knows is that she can taste its packed with 70% fresh meat & tastes divine!

Active Dogs Icon Gourmet Goose & Rabbit

Goose & Rabbit

The Gourmet Range: Goose & Rabbit is perfect for supporting active dogs fuelling them on long walks and adventures. With two main novel proteins, rabbit, which contains essential amino acids that help aid in tissue repair and is an excellent source of B12 vitamin helping to maintain energy levels. And goose, with high levels of riboflavin, helping to aid digestion by breaking down proteins and converting the food into fuel.

Heart Health Icon Gourmet Duck & Herring

Duck &

The Gourmet Range: Duck & Herring is great for supporting heart health and a perfect choice for dogs prone to allergies and sensitive stomachs. With easy to digest duck containing multiple B vitamins aiding nerve function, red blood cell function and assisting with turning food into fuel. Duck is also a great source of omega-3, aiding in supporting heart health. Herring also helps to decrease inflammation in joints.

Sleek & Glossy Coat Icon Gourmet Salmon & Pheasant

Salmon &

The Gourmet Range: Salmon & Pheasant is rich in omega-3, aiding in supporting cognitive development, nerve function and skin and coat health. The consistency of this recipe is smoother than the other two gourmet recipes. Salmon & Pheasant is perfect for puppies beginning their journey with Eden, while also promoting all-round health for adult and senior dogs.

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