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Keep your pet calm throughout firework season

Winter brings dark and cold nights and It’s also the time of year when fireworks seem to light up the sky which can be a stressful time for our pets.

Some pets get more scared than others, and some pets don’t even realize fireworks are going off. So how to keep your dog calm during fireworks? Below are some tips to help your pet through fireworks season.


Take your pet for a walk before it gets dark. If you walk before dusk, you’re less likely to encounter fireworks meaning your dog still gets a nice relaxing walkies.

TV time

Have the TV/radio on. The sound of the TV/radio should help to drown out some of those loud bangs.

Curtain call

Close the curtains. Closing the curtains will reduce the amount of flashing light that will shines through.


Why not try distracting your pet with a durable chew? Such as an antler or chew root. Having a chew could help some dogs to become so engrossed with the chew it may help some dogs to forget about the bangs.

Safe space

Make a safe space. Make your pets a little den they can retreat to, place their bed in there and create a dark safe zone.


Plenty of water. Pets that do get anxious tend to start panting, be sure to have fresh water available, they may drink more during these times.


Your pets can sense when somethings wrong. It’s our immediate reaction when we hear a firework to run to our pet to check they are ok, but this can result in your pet having a negative association with fireworks. Try and stay calm.


Make sure before firework season, your pets chip is up to date with all your information. Some pets can get so scared they manage to escape from the house, so making sure all the data is correct on the chip could help you track your pet down.

Remember, all pets are different. Some pets have a real fear for fireworks if your dog suffers badly from fireworks, and you think the dog needs medical attention, always consult your Vet.