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How Cats Show their Love

Love is in the air at this time of year, not only between humans, but with pets and their loving owners. Cats can be known to be quite stoic and unique in how they show their love for their owners, but here are a few characteristics that may help spread the love between you and your cat this Valentine’s Day.

How Cats Show Their Love

Purring is universally known as a sound cats will make when they’re happy or relaxed. Cats may purr during multiple instances, such as when they are being petted by their owners, and whilst being fed. During these situations, your cat is purring to show that they are appreciative of their care and they are content with their needs. Many people believe that the frequency that a cat purrs at aids in relieving stress in humans, to help them relax


Meowing in cats not generally understood, as cats may meow in a variety of situations, so they do not have clear translations. Studies suggest that meowing is an evolved trait in domestic cats to communicate their emotional states to their owners, and so the more ‘talkative’ your cat may be, may also show their need to interact with you, emphasising the bond you share.

Slow blinks

A subtle way a cat can show love from afar is by looking at you and slowly blinking. They may appear similar to air-kisses, but this is a sign of trust and respect in the cat world. By doing this, cats are saying that they can trust you enough that you won’t attack them when their eyes are closed and their back is turned. By slowly blinking back at them, you can reinforce this trustful bond with your cat as a small gesture.

Tail curling at the tip

One of the key ways a cat can communicate is through their tail. This allows cats to communicate to others from afar as a warning or a welcoming. For example, a cat constantly flapping their tail signifies being annoyed or frustrated, and a low tail between their legs signifies fear. When a cat has their tail straight up and the tip is curled over (similar to a candy cane), this means that they are happy and in a friendly mood.


Cats can nuzzle against your body for many reasons, such as requesting attention, requesting food and much more! When your cat nuzzles on you, they are marking you with their scent, so when you go out and about, it lets other cats know that you’re taken! Many cats will do this to identify members of their family.


When your cat licks you, this means that they see you as a part of their family. When multiple cats live together, they will groom each other to strengthen their bond. This term is known as ‘Allogrooming’. Your cat licking you is their attempt to clean you and strengthen their bond with you. Be careful not to let your cat lick you in the same place for too long, as this may irritate your skin due to their barbed tongue.

Belly exposed

If your cat lies on their back, exposing their belly to you, this is a significant sign of trust. The stomach of an animal is their most vulnerable area to be attacked, so if they are showing you their tummy, it is a sign that your cat trusts you to not attack them.


Just as with our previous point, he same principle applies to your cat cleaning themselves around you. When a cat feels safe enough to thoroughly groom themselves, they are expressing that they can trust you to look out for them and protect them when they aren’t on guard.