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Eden Unveils Innovative Cat Food Range

High-quality ingredients, tailored nutrition, and eye-catching packaging embodies The Fabulous Feline Feast Range

In a market where nearly 50% of UK households are home to cats, Eden, a leading name in pet nutrition, is excited to announce an addition to its groundbreaking cat food range. For the past year, the team at Eden has invested significant time and effort into understanding the unique needs and preferences of cat owners, culminating in a range of cat foods designed to promote feline health and happiness.

Through extensive focus group research, Eden identified three primary concerns of cat owners: addressing hairballs, managing urinary tract issues, and supporting overall feline health. The result is a set of recipes formulated with ingredients like beet pulp and cellulose for hairball reduction, essential taurine for heart health, and a focus on maintaining optimal urinary pH levels.

"Quality ingredients are at the heart of our products," says Paul Conquest, Managing Director of Eden Pet Foods. "We've sourced our meats and fish from trusted farms and fisheries, ensuring that every ingredient is selected with the utmost care and consideration for our feline friends' well-being."

Eden's Feline Feast Range boasts an impressive 70% meat content, including up to 30% fresh meat in every bag, complemented by vegetables, herbs, and minerals for a comprehensive feline diet. Notably, Eden introduces the White Fish & Herring Caviar, featuring wild-harvested Nordic herring caviar, known for its human-grade quality, rich amino acids, and Omega-3 fatty acids, promoting healthy skin and coat.

The packaging, a departure from Eden's traditional white and gold theme, showcases its commitment to addressing common cat issues, emphasising urinary tract health, hairball reduction, and the addition of vital taurine.

"Our beautiful watercolor illustrations, inspired by Eden's cat ambassadors, make an emotional connection with cat owners. We've focused on the eyes, the windows to a cat's soul, to create that bond," Michelle Bugliarello, Chief Operating Officer.

Eden Holistic Pet Foods has been dedicated to supporting animal health through nutrition for a decade across the UK and Europe. Pioneer and Managing Director, Paul Conquest, began the company's journey with a quest to understand pet nutrition, resulting in a convenient, complete kibble that adheres to the ancestral diet principles, emphasising high meat content and enriched botanicals helping owners to feed optimal heath.

Eden Holistic Pet Foods aims to educate pet owners about nutrition, offering transparency in ingredient composition and creating lasting bonds between pets and their owners.