Frequently Asked Questions

At Eden Holistic Pet Foods we pride ourselves on formulating a range of foods that caters to the nutritional needs of cats and dogs.

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How should I store the dry dog food?

All dried food should be stored in a clean, airtight container, and if possible kept in the bag for freshness with either a lid or a way of sealing the bag. All of our 2kg product packaging has the added benefit of a re-sealable system, perfect for taking on holidays and making storage easy.

What do you recommend for a dog with IBD?

Dogs that suffer from IBD require a protein digestibility of 87% or more. As Eden products have a high protein digestibility, it should be fine to feed. We would recommend our Fish Cuisine, due to it being a single source of protein which is suitable for sensitive stomachs. We don’t offer a specific hydrolysed formula as our products are based on an ancestral diet, however, our 80/20 and semi-moist products contain prebiotics to support digestion. Eden do always recommend providing the ingredients to a veterinary professional as they are not designed for specific health conditions.

Do your products contain rice?

No. All Eden food products are grain and gluten-free, formulated without cereals or rice.

My dog has regurgitated their food, can you advise?

Eating the kibble too fast can result in the stomach rejecting the food, so it may be worth changing the kibble size or investing in a slow feeder. Larger dogs would benefit from a raised bowl. Smaller dogs may need to be fed little and often as if the amount being fed is too much at a time, then the stomach will reject the food. An occasional, isolated bout of vomiting may not be of concern. However, frequent or chronic vomiting can be a sign of a more serious condition. If your dog’s vomiting is not an isolated incident, we recommend taking them to the vet right away for a complete examination and diagnostic testing.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our new Semi-Moist 10kg bags and Puppy Cuisine bags are recyclable (PE/PE polyethene), these can be recycled at your local supermarket, and our 15kg Sporting & Working dog bags are recyclable (HDPE/PE). Once washed, all of our cans from our wet food ranges can be added to your domestic recycling. We are exploring other options/materials, such as a single polymer laminate, to replace our white retail bags. We will explore the options and performance of the materials in the Eden products range. The process may take a while, but we will post updates on our social media and website as the environmental aspect is of importance to Eden, and we are working on our future bag situation.