Frequently Asked Questions

At Eden Holistic Pet Foods we pride ourselves on formulating a range of foods that caters to the nutritional needs of cats and dogs.

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As your products are grain-free, does this mean my dog will be susceptible to Dilated Cardiomyopathy?

No, DCM concerns are associated with those grain-free products containing high levels of legumes such as peas or lentils, other legume seeds, or potatoes listed as primary ingredients. The high level of legumes can cause a reduced intake of Taurine, which can impede the cardiac muscles and cells. As Eden products are high levels of human-grade meat this would not deplete the levels of Taurine in their system.

How much should I feed my cat/ dog?

You can find a general feeding guide located on the back of our products. Alternatively, our online feeding calculator can give you a more specific figure, tailored to your pet.

What do you recommend for kittens?

All of our cat food products are suitable for all life stages.

What is FEDIAF?

FEDIAF is the trade body that represents the European pet food industry. As we are based in Europe, we follow FEDIAF nutritional recommendations for dogs and cats to ensure that our diets are complete and balanced.

What calcium levels are suitable for puppies?

We suggest based on new recommendations by FEDIAF that puppies under 14 weeks have 1.6% calcium levels or under. Puppies from 14 weeks to adult age can have 1.8% calcium levels or under, except for Great Danes, who should remain on 1.6% or lower.