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At Eden Holistic Pet Foods we pride ourselves on formulating a range of foods that caters to the nutritional needs of cats and dogs.

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What is a HDP?

HDP stands for “Highly Digestible Protein”. The HDP proteins included in the recipes are broken down with a natural enzyme, to create perfect peptides for optimum nutritional absorption.

This increases the bio-availability of the proteins and nutrients included, ready to be easily absorbed and transported through the cardiovascular system, to where they are most needed in the body to thrive!

Our Gourmet kibble range is the first of our recipes to include a high percentage of these innovative ingredients, ensuring that your dog receives the maximum benefit from every bite.

Is this kibble suitable for puppies?

All flavours of the Gourmet range of dried kibble are suitable from weaning age, and are suitable to be fed to dogs of all life stages. The calcium content of these recipes is at or below the recommended FEDIAF guideline values of 1.6%, and so is able to be fed to puppies. The recipes have also been developed with the use of perfect peptides, which are easily digestible, supporting developing stomachs and sensitive tummies.

How is this range different to the 80/20 | Semi Moist | Working range?

The Gourmet dried kibble range has a 60/40 ratio of meat and fish to vegetables, botanicals, and functional ingredients, including a high percentage of unique HDP (Highly Digestible Protein). This kibble range is formulated as a range of luxury recipes, inspired by the popular flavour profiles of our Gourmet wet food range. Using naturally occurring enzymes to encourage natural protein hydrolysation, making the proteins easier to digest. This can be beneficial for dogs who need a recipe that offers more peaceful digestion. This range also contains collagen, promoting your dog’s skin, bone and joint health throughout their life.

Can I feed this kibble to my dog with a sensitive stomach?

Yes! The Gourmet dried kibble range is manufactured using a range of naturally occurring enzymes to promote the breakdown of proteins into perfect peptides. This means that there is an increase in the bio-availability of nutrients in the kibble and prevents your dog’s digestive system from being overwhelmed during the digestive process. It is also formulated without grain & gluten and is naturally hypoallergenic.

If you are concerned if this is suitable for your dog, we sell 100g samples of each flavour for your dog to try. Please bear in mind that our kibble is not formulated to cater to specific health and digestive conditions, so if you have any queries regarding if this would be suitable for your individual dog’s needs, please contact our Customer Care Team through our Live Chat service or contact us at

How long will my food last me?

This will depend on your dog’s estimated daily feeding amount, which can be calculated using our Online Feeding Calculator . Please rest assured that as long as the kibble is stored correctly the integrity will be upheld, making it perfectly fine to feed until the Best Before Date listed on the rear of the package, which is up-to 18 months. If you would like more support with this, please contact our Customer Care Team or through our Live Chat service or contact us at